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Activating Truth


Activating Truth

When you’re an activator of people’s power…
When you activate their ability to lead…
When you activate their capacity to take a stand for things…

You become someone who helps activate a new reality not just for that person, but for the whole – for all of humanity.

Part of leadership is stepping outside the bounds of what the agreed-upon truth is and attuning to an emerging truth – an evolved reality where a new truth exists.

That’s how we tell Humanity’s New Story. 

Everything is a story. Earth is a story. Humanity is a story. Reality as we know it is always a story. The whole thing is a story.

That said, we came here to explore and play with the story. We came here to evolve the story, to tell new stories, to tell truer stories, to tell deeper and more expansive stories. 

When we’re on this planet to tell humanity’s new story, it means we’re playing in the sandbox of outdated stories and emerging stories. 

The outdated stories are the stories where life stops working because that story is no longer true. 

And we see a number of outdated stories in the world right now, with increasingly large-scale impacts these outdated stories are having on people’s lives and on this planet.

When a story expires, we need a new one. We need a replacement story. We need an emerging story, a deeper truth.

Part of our role as messengers, courageous messengers, at this time in history is to reach into these emerging spaces where the new stories want to be told and…

  1.   Tap into guidance and ask for deeper truth
  2.   Open, listen and receive a deeper truth
  3.   Deliver that truth by talking about what you’re seeing and knowing 

The more you speak about emerging truth, the more you activate that understanding and those that are ready for it. 

But there’s a reason it’s so difficult to speak the truth in our marketing and messaging – it’s because it’s often difficult to tell the truth to ourselves.

And that’s where all truth activation begins – by telling the truth to yourself about yourself…

Who you are & why you’re here…

What you’re actually here to do & who are you’re actually here to serve…

What your bigger mission is & how aligned everything is in your life to your design, purpose and mission.

Another part of telling the truth is about what’s no longer true for you… what’s got to go – who’s got to go – what are you tolerating that it’s time to cut out?

It takes great courage to tell the truth, but there’s a tremendous tenderness to it as well.

The places we don’t tell the truth are the places where we don’t want to feel something we’ve shut down, where it’s tender, where it hurts, where it’s tough to feel.

And so we don’t want to tell that truth because if we do, we’ll have to feel that again.

But when you’re someone who lives your truth and embodies your truth, you become a shining beacon for others who are hungry to do the same.

That’s when you can bring your message to the world deeply, directly, and unapologetically… with profoundly activating truth.

Let’s move this out of the theoretical and make it experiential…

Take a moment to check in with yourself – is there an area where you’ve been reluctant to really tell the truth? 

Maybe it’s relationship with work, money, food, a friend, a child or spouse, or something else.

What’s the truth you’ve been reluctant or reticent to really tell there? What comes up for you about telling the truth there?

Do you feel a little helpless in that area, so you just avoid it? Does it feel too overwhelming to take it on? Do the perceived consequences of telling the truth there feel too threatening? Are you concerned with rejection, ridicule or abandonment? 

Simply notice the emotional state that you don’t want to feel. Then breathe into it and meet it with that tenderness and courage, because the way out and forward is through.

As an activator of truth in this world, the more you’re willing to face what’s difficult to face, the more you excavate space inside of yourself to guide others on that journey.

You become a space where people can feel what they are reluctant to feel and tell the truth they’ve been unable or unwilling to tell. 

That’s how we tell our new stories, and activate humanity’s new story.

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