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Activate Your Heart = Connect to the Heavens

As the pain in the world gets dialed up the amplification of the story of the pain does too so that it seems that pain is all there is in this world. As that gets dialed up in the world our job is to dial up heart energy. We are not talking about checking out. We are talking about feet on the ground, opening the heart and accessing your higher wisdom.

As this world goes into more chaos part of your role as a paradigm changer is to be a home, and to create a respite for people who are in the pain body of our collective consciousness.


I was on my bike in spin the other day, and had this problem statement pop into my consciousness, seemingly out of the blue…

“Humanity isn’t mature enough for its own survival.”

So how do we address that?

As the pain in the world gets dialed up, our job is to dial up heart energy. Not checking out to some other dimension, floating above it all. Instead, put your feet on the ground, open your heart, and access your higher wisdom.

As this world goes into more chaos, part of your role as paradigm changer is to provide an energetic home for people… a respite where people feel safe, seen, welcomed, and invited by you.

What this means is that in your field of energy, people feel your heart, which allows their bodies to settle as they co-regulate with your frequency. That allows them to open, soften, and deepen.

This can be in everyday interactions! For example, just last week, Pat took me out for lunch on my birthday and our server was a little grumpy at first. Pat looked at me with a warm gleam in her eye and said, “Ooh, I’m going to play a little game! By the time this lunch is done, he’s not just going to just crack a smile, he’s going to open up and warm up!” Sure enough, through a sequence of interactions, he did! This included him accidentally spilling a little water on my head, which was perfect because he softened and opened up as he apologized with a little embarrassment. That’s part of what cracked him open, and from that point forward we were joking, laughing and having a great time with him! As we left, he gave us each a pat on the back thanking us for coming in.

He was in a pain house and he entered a heart house, just next door. From there so many things are possible!

If humanity isn’t mature enough for its own survival, then we must create spaces of connection and trust where people experience the safety and security required to go on transformational quests.

When people enter that heart-space with you, they experience a space of safety.

That safety creates bonding and trust.

And that trust is what’s required to invite them to go on a journey where they have to risk…

Because we all have to risk when we evolve and when we grow.

The heart space is the place where we weave together heaven and earth, anchoring in evolved consciousness in this world.

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