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Accessing the Truth of Your Message

Your body is a conduit for your knowing, your message and of course your life. How often are you attentive to your body’s knowing? Do you know where the difference is between your message and your truth?

#MondayInsight: What’s the difference between a message… and truth?

A message is something you share or hear. Truth is something you feel and experience. You can share messages all day long, but if they don’t land in your audience with authenticity and an accurate vibration and frequency, they won’t land as truth. They might land is interesting to the ear or interesting to the mind, but they won’t land is truth in the heart and soul.

We want you to drift into the frequency of oneness, to anchor this frequency more and more as you’re living everyday reality. When the authenticity of the frequency of your message is intact and complete, that’s when your audience will hear it, understand it, and feel it and experience it as truth. Their truth. Not your truth, their truth. All ultimately, as ambassadors of a new story for humanity, that is what we are here to do.

Monday Insights

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