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Accessing Your Own Higher Frequency

These weekly messages are not designed to make you feel good. If you do that’s great. BUT… the purpose of these messages is to allow you to access more and more the full spectrum of who you are. The full spectrum is where the riches are, both figuratively and literally.


The purpose of these messages they’re saying is to allow you to access your own higher frequency, which is accessing more and more of the full spectrum of who you are.

So often, we compartmentalize ourselves, I’m this way over here, and I’m this way over here, and I’m this way over here – and the full spectrum of you isn’t available.

I was working with a client the other day and she has this aspect of herself that she called “conniving and manipulative,” and she really doesn’t appreciate this part of herself. She said, “I don’t want to be conniving, I don’t like even thinking these manipulative thoughts!”

She’s done a good job keeping this part of herself at bay, in terms of acting on it…

And yet, she’s called to be a paradigm changer. She’s called to help usher in a new story for her clients, for her audience and for this world.

Doesn’t it make sense that someone called to that kind of work would have an aspect of their personality that in their wounding had to be really smart and conniving and figure things out to survive… but where that same toolset could be used to shift, alter, manipulate, in a positive way? She has the skills already built in to help uplevel people’s realities!

Wouldn’t it make sense that a paradigm changer – a change agent and visionary would know how to purposely screw with stuff and turn it on its head… maybe in ways that people didn’t even see coming, because they would have resisted it?

Would it make sense that that would be a part of this person’s personality… and that if it were a loved up, exalted, lifted on high, beautified and there was a reverence for it, that that skill that part of her could be part of her sovereignty, and part life and expression?

We all have aspects of ourselves where we say, I’ll show all the colors of the rainbow, but not this one. That color is bad. That color doesn’t belong in the rainbow. I don’t even know how I got into the rainbow. It shouldn’t be in the rainbow. I’m busy trying to scrub this color out of the rainbow. And until I can accomplish that I’ll at least try to obscure it and hide it so you don’t see that this color is in the rainbow!

But it’s all the colors of the rainbow that make it beautiful, isn’t it?

Just imagine what it would be like if the fullness of who you are, and the fullness of your experience could be acceptable, available, and on display without hesitation – in every moment and in every situation, regardless of where you are or who you’re with. See how much less energy it would take just to be your full spectrum self!

The full spectrum expression of you is where your riches are – both in terms of money and in having the richest experience of life!

When you acknowledge that all of you – every single aspect of you – has been perfectly designed, perfectly suited to what you’re on Earth to be and do…

That’s when you inhabit your full spectrum leadership – so you can be a full spectrum paradigm changer – and live the full spectrum you.

That’s what we want for you as you move into this next year – a full spectrum life.

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