The Courageous Messenger Podcast

Discover the unique language to build your tribe, accelerate your mission and grow your profits… without holding back

The Courageous Messenger Podcast is about discovering the message that will cut through the noise in the market (and in your head) so you can stand strong in the world, call your tribe forward and bring the change you’re here to bring.

We cover topics like:

  • How to find the message inside that you’re really meant to share
  • How to shape the message so that people get it and respond… without leading an ounce of truth out of it.
  • Who you’re really meant to serve & why you’re the one to serve them
  • What the “conversation” is that you’re meant to lead in the market
  • The role of personal story in messaging & how to pick the right stories for your message
  • How to translate your message into sales

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